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Scott Lee can help you get debt free

Scott Lee, founder of Debt Free Me

Scott Lee

Helping you to get rid of your personal debt is what I love to do. I started Debt Free Me to help people get out of debt as quickly as possible. We only live once and worrying about money when you don’t have to concerns me.

I want to help you and at least 1 million others to get debt free so you can really make your dreams a reality.

With over 20 years in the finance industry, I have seen many financial situations, both tough and easy and have experienced most of these first hand.

I look forward to serving you too and helping you achieve your life dreams. If you are interested in how I can help, like my facebook page DebtFreeMeNow and message or email me. Welcome to Debt Free Me.



“I have $2,600 a month I was spending on debt that I now spend on me and save some. I bought a car for CASH!!! It was awesome!”

– Toni-Anne

Gone in 14 months

Kevin and Gwen

“We know the $2,000 a month we are spending on getting our debt gone is ours soon and the mortgage is next.”

– Kevin and Gwen

almost gone – it’s been 12 months


“I had wanted French Doors for 9 years, I now have them and I paid cash for them. It feels great!”

– Debbie

Gone in 10 months

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Do you dream of a life without money worries, a life of financial freedom, but don’t know where to begin? We believe the best place to start is to address your personal debt and we’ve created this free eBook to help you take the first steps.
All You Need To Get Out Of Debt Without Doing A Budget will inspire you with real peoples’ stories of how they got out of debt and give you some great tools you can put into action today to start your journey towards financial freedom.
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