Research tells us that 75% of us live paycheck to paycheck and 76% of us have a money stress. In addition, many of us find it hard to talk about money with money troubles and money fights the biggest cause of divorce.

Scott Lee, founder of Debt Free Me

Debt Free Me is here to help you get out of debt, so the debt payments you make go back in your pocket, not to a finance company. Working with Debt Free Me helps stop you living from paycheck to paycheck and helps reduce money stress.

Why has Debt Free Me started? Because I have had to get out of debt twice. The first time I got out of debt, I believed I was bad with money and it ultimately resulted in my marriage ending. The second time I got out of debt, it strengthened my relationship and made it easier to talk about money.

I want you to know the second experience, not the first. If you are currently experiencing the pain associated with credit card and personal loan debt and are worried or stressed about how to pay the bills, don’t worry you’re not alone. And there is a way to get out of debt and start creating financial freedom for you and your family.

Debt Free Me draws on my 20+ years in finance where I have done enough right to be successful and enough wrong to become a great teacher. If you desire to change your money story, I know and believe you can!

Credit cards in pants

Credit Cards – the most dangerous items in your pocket.

The experts agree (75% of the Forbes 400 list) that to achieve financial freedom you need to get out of debt and stay out of debt. Debt Free Me is here to help you get out of debt and that’s all we do. We don’t try to sell you insurance, retirement funds or anything else, although we will help you get out of debt.

Imagine your life without debt payments, dream a little.

Try us, I think you’ll like us.

Have a great day.